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We are Groomlidays,
and we offer an exchange
exclusive program of lodgings
between owners !

Discover the concept !
Hello !

We are Groomlidays,
and we are going to take
in charge the stewardship of
your seasonal lodging !

Discover the concept !
The guarantee of serenity to manage your seasonal lodging
from the platforms of seasonal rentals.
Concierge Services,
Groomlidays takes care
of everything !
1 Your lodging always in great shape !
House work, laundry, replacement of blankets, and maintenance of the garden and de pool… Don’t worry; your lodging is always ready to receive new guests!
2 Owners, make your life easy!
From Marseille to Saint-Tropez, going through Aix-en-Provence and Avignon, Groomlidays offers you concierge services specialized in the management of your seasonal lodging.

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The handover inspection with nothing to worry about! Groomlidays also offers me a courtesy visit halfway through the stay to be sure everything is going in the best possible way for my guests!

Guilaine H. Guilaine H. / Toulon

The Groomlidays teams have flawless responsiveness. Managing the arrival and departure of guests is no longer a tedious task. I no longer have to be there.

Andrée C. Andrée C. / Saint-Tropez

Housework and Laundry services from Groomlidays are at the level of all my expectations. My studio is always in tip-top shape, ready to be rented again right away.

Stéfanie K. Stéfanie K. / Hyères

Having trusted the maintenance of the garden and the area surrounding my cottage to Groomlidays was the best decision that I’ve taken this year! The work is always very careful. I rent without fretting about anything.

Gérard B. Gérard B. / La Seyne-sur-Mer
Owners, ready to exchange?
Groomlidays, it's also an exclusive home exchange program between owners
Go on vacation for free all around the world, Groomlidays takes care of everything! When you don’t rent your lodging, take advantage of that to exchange it with another owner.
Remise de clés Gestion Location Saisonniere
However we reserve the right to refuse the registration of housing that does not meet our requirements of quality or that has an account that is not faithful to its real nature. In this case it will not be necessary to make any payments.

The Groomlidays commitments

Confidence and transparency
Dedicated contact
Secure Payment
Proximity services
Quality charter

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