Airbnb Concierge

You rent out and
Groomlidays takes care of everything! Our Airbnb Concierge helps you manage your Ad and for you seasonal rental.

Groomlidays makes available to you Airbnb Concierge services for the purpose of renting out your lodging for a 5 star service for less! Adopt our Concierges and Grooms for the management of your Airbnb vacation rental. choose the N°1 Airbnb Concierge in the World. we make sure everything is perfect!

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Groomlidays, it's:

Customer representatives ready to help you

A deadline of 48 hours for each service

On-line reservations

Quick and secure Payment

But also a rock solid trust with our customers, because each customer is special for Groomlidays!


The Grooms Team, it's:

Experience, we leave nothing to chance!

Lots of efficiency, and 2-3 jokes when they’re needed

Discretion, whathever happens stays between you and us!

A professionalism that’s truly out of the ordinary, we know how!

Our experience, our professionalism and our expertise guarantee you the best returns of your guests.


Our Airbnb Concierge service is available in France (Marseille -Paris-Nice- Cannes-Bandol-Toulon-Saint-Tropez..) and everywhere in the World (New York-Los Angeles-San Francisco-Montreal-Barcelone..)Your city is not yet covered by Groomlidays? Maybe our Grooms and Concierges will be there soon! Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask!

Trust us!

In a few minutes make a reservation on line for handing the keys, for housework, laundry, repairs, garden work, maintenance of the garden or pool the day of your preference. No, you’re not dreaming! Our Grooms and Concierges takes care of everything! Our Airbnb Concierge is for you ! In a few clicks we save your request and our Grooms are at your place in 48 hours (you can even time us). Groomlidays is the management that you’ve always been waiting for with à la carte work on your seasonal rental, nothing could be simpler!
For vacation you rent out your house, your apartment, your bed and breakfast, a cottage, a hut in the trees or a boat? The process is still the same, our Concierges get the keys directly at your place if the city is covered and they are available.


We know our job. Our motto is excellence. Our best advertising is the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to fully meet your needs, our best results are your guests’ comments.

Our Airbnb Concierge services are:

100% quality for 100% satisfaction

No obligation

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year, pretty cool, right?

Available in France (Marseille-Paris-Nice-Cannes-Saint Tropez-Cassis-Aix-en-Provence...) and everywhere in the World ( New York -Los Angeles-San Francisco-Miami -Montreal -Barcelonne...)

Whenever you want! Just pick a date!

You know what?

Groomlidays goes the extra mile and makes available
to you your personalized customer file