swap your house or your apartment for the holidays

The benefits of home exchange

Exchange your house or your apartment !

Echange de maisons echange appartement homexchange

Unlimited exchanges at mini prices! We are the only ones to offer you a mini price all year round without any restriction on the number of exchanges in addition to quality service! The barter of houses and apartments allows you to travel all year round for the price of one night in a hotel room or a gite!

Travel the world! Members of the Groomlidays home exchange community come from all over the world! Enough to afford to travel around the world, at a low price! And yes, exchanges are unlimited with your subscription!

Exchange your house or apartment for your vacation with other Owners. The exchange of accommodation allows you to go on a trip and save the price of your stay.


1 Meet your Hosts
  • By phone or email, know who's coming to your place !
  • Ask the right questions: Pets accepted ? Cigarette tolerated inside ? Plants to water ? Poll maintenance ?
2 Write a contract
  • Write a contract for the exchange of houses and send it to your exchangers, as for a seasonal rental!
  • Write down all the information relating to the stay at home: dates, regulations , use of water and electricity, vehicle loan, end of stay cleaning...
3Make your interior warm
  • Take care of your interior
  • Check your stocks: Trash bags, toilet paper, cleaning products...
  • Make available what will make the difference ; bottle of wine, flowers, tea, coffee, welcome message...
4Store your personal belongings
  • Set aside items, utensils or furniture that you do not want to share with your hosts.
  • Pay attention to fragile objects in balance
  • Remove what can be dangerous for your hosts, their children, their animals
  • Sif you have a swimming pool, check that it is well secured and in compliance with the legislation of your country !
5Pay a deposit or insurance
  • CAs with a rental, a deposit may be welcome, however taking of exceptional insurance is your best ally.
  • Tell your insurer that friends are coming to your house and check that their insurance covers your country.
6Facilitate your exchange with our concierge
  • For the delivery of keys, cleaning of maintenance exteriors before and after the exchange, call on Groomlidays concierge!
  • Whether your are Owners or Tenants, nothing prevents you from exchanging your house, apartment, unusual, accommodation unless a clause in your lease prohibits it.
7Exchange offline or simultaneously as desired
  • In the home exchange what is good to know is that you do not have to exchange simultaneously, you can very well go staggered or during the next vacation. .
  • Home exchange and seasonal rentals  are not in competition but both make the most of your absences!
  • Ad your accomodation on platforms such as Airbnb but not more than 120 consecutive days
  • Don't your forget to declare your rental income to taxes !

So... when do you start swapping your apartment or house for the holidays?