Who are we?

Groomlidays, concierge services cover a large area of the Var, Bouches-du-Rhône, Alpes-Maritimes and Vaucluse regions. It is the result of family ambition. The project, led by Nadège Ambrosi, started in April 2015.

« The name Groomlidays came to my mind fairly quickly. That mixture of Groom and Holidays refers to a change of scene. My family and I know about traveling! We have spent part of our lives in the United States, a place near and dear to my heart.»

Groomlidays concierge services wishes to meet all the needs of people who own lodgings available for rent or exchange by streamlining the whole process. Groomlidays takes care of everything, from the handing over of keys to the Laundry and including maintenance of the garden or pool!

« Before starting Groomlidays, we were already making our own house for rent. But managing that was a big challenge! We had to stay around to be sure we would be there when the keys were handed over, we had to be available in case of an incident and take care ourselves of cleaning before the arrival of new guests… Organizing all that was a formidable task! »

We offer several concierge services. Groomlidays has true open-mindedness and meets all (or almost) your requests, even the most far-fetched ones!

« Sometimes we get unusual requests! Some owners have pets but don’t have the time to meet all their needs! Groomlidays takes care of that too! Babysitting, car washing, shopping, repairs, we make your every day life easier! »

All services are personalized according to the customer and each time we work quality is assured.

« Groomlidays has been conceived to offer services that are cheap and of good quality: the assurance of being given good service at the right price! We always make our top priority the well being of owners and renters. »

All the grooms are specialized in their work. The Groomlidays team is comprised of members in charge of greeting your guests and handing over the keys, cleaning ladies led by a housekeeper, gardeners, employees in charge of the laundry and pools! Everyone has their own job: the assurance of a flawless service.

« We demand of our grooms ironclad professionalism and all members of our welcoming team speak at least two languages, if not three! The quality of their work must reflect the state of mind of Groomlidays, that I would define in three words: professionalism, efficiency and open-mindedness. »

Besides its concierge services, Groomlidays offers a housing exchange service in France and overseas. Go on vacation for less! Simply exchange your lodging for another, during your vacation!

« With the exchange service, we wish to put in touch all the people willing to exchange their lodging, and we make it possible for those who want to discover a new culture to go on vacation easily and for less elsewhere in France or overseas without having to make hotel reservations! »

Groomlidays’ ambitions don’t stop there. Enlarging our concierge services to all of France is being studied, and exporting these services to the United States is considered… But, Groomlidays is not just business. The company, led by Nadège Ambrosi, is very much rooted in life values and deems it important to help people in need.

« To manage a company takes me a lot of time, but for me it’s very important to help those in need. I’d like to take part in Emergency and Social Services to stretch out a hand to homeless people. At the same time, I support every year the Restos du Cœur (restaurants that help poor people). To bring happiness to families, whether giving them good meals or good vacations, is part of the core values of Groomlidays. Because Groomlidays, is not just business, it’s also heart and humaneness. »

For all charity services,
do not hesitate to contact Groomlidays.